It can be difficult for a girl on a first day. One woman’s experience sexy colombian women went viral after she tweeted about it. This lady said that a guy at her table ended up a note to her when he popped out to the bathroom. A kind stranger came to her rescue and spotted her warning signs.

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She released about the event on Twitting, where your lady received a lot more than 333, 000 likes and nearly 35, 000 retweets. It also prompted thousands of reviews and questions from other Tweets users. Quite a few people poked fun at the mans commitment to alert women, whilst some told her that the please note made her feel more secure. Other people distributed stories showing how a man’s advice saved them from awful dates.

The first date is a minefield at best. You’re here trying to determine compatibility, and it’s really even more difficult any time a complete stranger snuck in to the room. This kind of girl was on her first day when the woman was given an email telling her to run away. The note was crafted on the back of an old CVS receipt.

Luckily, Hadia decided to stay on with the night out despite the note’s good nature. This lady was able to go over her tastes with the guy, and ultimately thought we would continue internet dating him. The person who had passed the note on her was not pleased with her decision.

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